Gentoo vmware-player and systemd

Gentoo has moved into systemd for those who are using Gnome3 – systemd is mandatory – But not all services from sysVinit or openrc have the new .service files needed for systemd. Vmware player, a closed source virtualization solution still doesn’t has the files, being necessary to create one.

After digging a while, I found the solution.

The old vmware-player sysVinit file just started the network – we’re going to replicate this with a vmware.service file systemd style

As root, go to /usr/lib/systemd/system (if you’re in x86_64 system, lib will be a symlink to lib64) and create the .service file

Put the following lines in it

Save the file.

Enable the service

Check the status:

That’s it ! Now you have vmware starting with systemd


Arch Linux forums for the .service file

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