Install Open Cache Manager in Gentoo (and probably any other distro)


OCM, or Open Cache Manager is an piece of software for all your geocaching needs.

Gentoo doesn’t has an ebuild (at least none I couldn’t find) for OCM. We need to configure it by hand. This means compile it. OCM is developed in C# and Java . It is heavily dependent on Mono.

This are packages for Gentoo, but probably for any other distro, the names are equal if not the same.  It could work .


Let’s emerge all this packages. This may take a while, whether you already have or not some packages

After all dependencies are met, lets configure and install Open Cache Manager

Download the latest version from

If there’s something missing, configure will exit with an error and with the information of what’s missing.

After all installed, let’s execute it. The binary for OCM is ocm-gtk !


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