Soldering Sunday Pixel Pal: Chip – Connect to Raspberry PI


I’ve just received Chip – The Pixel Pal from Soldering Sunday.  It’s a very nice litte project. And I love the LEDs. They’re so biggggg ! 🙂

Mine came with the “Pixel Power”, that allows it to stand and light the LEDs,  powered by a cell battery.


Along with all that, it also came with the “Pixel Pi Adapter” – a small adapter to connect to the Raspberry PI GPIO


Connect to the Raspberry PI


Chip plugs in to the Pixel Pi adapter on the side labeled “top”.  It then plugs in to the Raspberry PI GPIO PINs with the side labeled “This Side Towards the Raspberry PI”. It connects in to the GPIO, the FIRST ROW of PINs – even numbering

Chip plugged in to the Raspberry PI using the Pixel Pal

According to the Pixel PI Pin Out Reference card that came with Chip, the following PINs are used for:

Left Eye 12 GPIO 18
Right Eye 16 GPIO 23

The Pixel Pi Adapter can also be used as an Arduino Header.

After Chip is assembled and plugged in to RPi, it’s time for some programming.


Open your favorite editor and copy the following code:

To execute the code, just run it as (I called it, but use the name you gave it):

sudo python

There you have it. Now you can imagine what you can create or make Chip do.

Here’s a video with the code running


For the PWM function


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