Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 LE Android controlled RGB lamp

For an event here in my home town (Eletrónica e Informática, pela AICB), I decided that I wanna do some Bluetooth project and while browsing through a Chinese store, I stumble into a wood phone booth – and it just hit my mind – another RGB lamp, controlled with Bluetooth and an Android app. I did the wiring and the programming, my lovely wife has taken care of the aesthetics .

Hardware needed

  • 1x Arduino Micro (any other could do – but beware of the pwm pins)
  • 1x Bluetooth 4.0 LE HM-10
  • 1x Adafruit Neopixel Ring 16 x 5050 (or anyone compatible with WS2812 5050)
  • 1x Power Supply 5V, 2A for Arduino Micro (the end mus be micro usb)


Bluetooth communication between Raspberry PI and Arduino

This post is part II of a III part series of posts related to Arduino and Raspberry PI Wireless Bluetooth communications.

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  • Part III (coming soon)

In another post, I’ve shown how to communicate with Arduino through Bluetooth. Arduino is a very nice platform for electronics, but sometimes, we need a full computer for more expensive workload.

Here, I’ll show how to share information between the Arduino and the Raspberry PI. Imagine that you have the Arduino taking measurements and send them to the Raspberry PI to work on the data – a web server for example.