Transferir imagens (tiradas com a camera do PI) usando Xbee e as funções serie do Python

Agora que já sabemos como programar os XBees em Python, vamos subir um pouco e em vez de passar caracteres pelos XBee, vamos passar dados, neste caso uma imagem.

Vamos usar a camera do PI para tirar a foto e posteriormente enviar para outro computador.

Cliente para tirar a fotografia e enviar a imagem. Colocar no RPi com a maquina fotografica ativa.

Fluxbox fbsetbg set background with dual monitors

I’ve started using Fluxbox a while ago. Primarily in my work computer and next at home.

At my work there’s no problem because I only have one monitor, but at home, I use two monitors and fbsetbg wasn’t doing the trick, even not working sometimes. After a doing research I finally found the answer.

fbsetbg can be used stand alone (finding itself an app to set the background) or you can specify an application for it.

In this case, I’m using feh with xinerama support.

In the fbsetbg manual (man fbsetbg) it says that we need only to specify the background setter once, using the option -u . Still, in my fluxbox startup script I specify the option anyway..

So, to span wallpapers across two monitors, just use feh

Example in your fluxbox startup file: