Linux cups notifications

I had problems with some printers, sometimes, the print server just stops the queue and I only know when the user complains he can’t print ! This can cause several problems and so, I need to know when a printer stops. CUPS can warning you about that so you can do something about it.

Cups is able to send email notifications when some event occurs .

I’m using CUPS 1.3.7 with CentOS 5.10 x86


Linux screenFetch


screenFetch is a small, but awesome utility that displays the logo of your distro in ASCII ART – with colors, as well some information about your environment. It supports a lot of Linux distributions and there respective logos, most main stream Desktop Managers and a lot of window managers. screenFetch can (and is it’s main purpose) take screenshots with the info on screen ! I think is just awesome and I love ASCII ART !

You can see what options it can take with screenFetch -h



L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor driver


The Funduino Tracking Maze also comes with a L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor driver to control the two wheels of the robot.  It’s designed to drive inductive loads, such as relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors. It can also let us drive two independent DC motors, controlling the speed and direction of each one .