Hi !

I’m a Linux Lover and Open Source devotee! My day job is Systems Administration and some kind of PHP programmer, with some knowledge of CSS and starting to deepen jquery.

At night, i like to learn new things. C++ is now part of my life and gtkmm is starting to be something like that.

I’am a technology enthusiast. Kind of a Nerd and very proud about it!

I Love Linux and Penguins since they are the Linux mascot! I’ve used Red Hat (from version 7 to the Enterprise Edition), Fedora Core, Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. I’m using CentOS (in my work servers), Gentoo Linux as my desktop and Caixa Mágica (Portuguese distro based on Ubuntu) at home.

You can find me on


My email is also at the bottom of my blog.

BTT (Mountain Biking) and Geocaching are also an activity !
Hope you like my blog.