Arduino Sensor Shield v4.0


The Funduino Tracking Maze Robot comes with a Sensor Shield v4.0. With all the bundled sensors, a shield is necessary to connect them all.

The purpose of the Arduino Sensor Shield is to make easy to connect cables and devices to the Arduino PINs. Simply connects the Arduino PINs to many connectors that are ready to use. The Shield has many ways to connect to the digital and analog PINs.

Below is a picture of the several sections of the Shield:


Each port has 3 PINs to connect to:

GND Vcc Signal

From Arduino-Info:

Digital PINs 0 to 13:

These are available in the rows outlined with red. They connect to INPUT and OUTPUT devices – just like connecting directly to Arduino, but we also get GND and Vcc

Analog INPUT PINs A0 to A5

Those are outlined in Green with white labels.

Communications PORT

This connector can go to external devices, for more complex communications protocols to work with Arduino – GPS, Ethernet Interfaces, etc.. These are 4 PINs connectors. Is outlined in yellow.

Either SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS (COM) or “I squared C” (often written as I2C or IIC) are supported on this shield (V4.0). The two select jumper blocks shown above are moved to select one or the other.