Geocaching Backpack
PS: Those tracking codes are active !

This is my Geocaching page. Thanks for reading.

I’m also a Geocoin collector : Check them here

Here are the tools I take and carry with me all the time when in a Geocaching adventure !

Tools i keep with me

  • Cell phone
  • PEN

Tools i keep in my Backpack (Every day)

  • PEN – Never more not signing a logbook; Always more than one
  • Knife – You never know
  • Rope  (5 meters) – All essential rope for those more complicated caches
  • HEAD LAMP (on batteries)  – I love night caching and every time I go into a Geocaching day, i never get home with day light and the probability of doing some caches at nigh
  • UV Flashlight – You never know when a cache requires a UV light. I carry one because I have a night cache which requires a UV Lamp.  You can find it here: GC40JMY
  • GPS – This is Geocaching, GPS is very essential
  • Batteries – Always a pack of batteries (4 x AA – 2 for my GPS and 2 for anyone’s GPS, just in case)
  • Stickers – Stickers with my Team’s name and logo
  • Geocoins/Travel Bugs – Some geocoins and travel bugs i own or have to take them from cache to cache
  • Book – A book to take notes of caches

For a Geocaching adventure

If I’m going on a Geocaching day, in addition to what I already have, i had:

  • A 1,5 liters water bottle  (almost 0.4 gallons)
  • Food (Fruit is very good)
  • Gloves – You don’t know what you can touch

And since my backpack is trackable, here are the codes you can log at

NightCache IMG_20130228_212422