Gnome 3 open with custom applications

Gnome 3 is an excellent piece of software ! Is just amazing, but lacks some things. In gnome 2, when we wanted to open an file with an application not in the menu, we could use “Open With” and choose an application – All in graphic mode.

Well, in gnome 3, that’s not possible (at least, after searching a lot, could not find) –


If we choose “Open With Other Application”, we get the “Recommended Applications” and we can choose “Show other Applications”, but the application does not appear.

So, how can we add an application not in the list ?

I want to open AVI files with mplayer and not with Totem. So we get to the command line. Using mimeopen, we can set the default application for files:


Using the -d parameter, we set the default application. The application asks for the application to open, and we can choose “3) Other” and is done.