Interactive Checkers Game with Arduino #2

Part two of the build of an Arduino Interactive checkers table

Interactive Checkers Game with Arduino #2

This is the second part of a series documenting the build of a interactive checkers game

Part 1 is here

Last night was time to wire all the power supply cables - 12v and ground. From 12v, comes a wiring to a step down to power the  Photoresistors with 5v.

I'm giving some wiring because in the end all will be connected to a 2.5'' JACK plug (The one from the picture above is temporary)

  • Brown wire is ground and goes to the Step-Down
  • White wire is 12v and goes to the Step-Down to be converted to 5v and power the Photoresistors
  • Orange wire is 12v and goes to power the IR LEDs
IR LEDs showing in the phone camera

Wiring the Photoresistors

To be able to detect an object, I need to wire all the photoresistors to the Arduino. Although I'm going to use a Arduino MEGA, that has a bunch of analog inputs, they are not near enough for all the photoresistors in the board.

To be able to read all the values from the photoresistors, I'm going to use a Multiplexer, the CD74HC4067, 16 channel multiplexer.

Last night was able to wire the first one, of four total - each has 16 channels, to wire 64, I'm going to need 4.

The wiring order is going to be the same as the Neopixels.  It's going to be easier in the programing - The same channel number for the same Neopixel number. I'm following this scheme and following the Neopixels .