Using gnome nautilus as ssh and smb gui

Everyday i use ssh in the command line to administrative tasks and the need to copy files is big. I’m comfortable using the command line and at any given time, i have 4 and 5 consoles open but sometimes it’s nice to have a GUI for some tasks (when the character set of one system is not the same and all the accentuated characters do not display correctly and scp has an hard time dealing with it).

I wounder if Linux had such a tool like WinSCP. I sometimes (only when absolutely needed and work related) use windows and WinSCP comes handy.

If you use Gnome, you don’t need a GUI, because Nautilus has support for several protocols. I use Samba when i need to connect to Windows computers, and Nautilus is my tool.

When in Nautilus, if you press Ctrl+L (the L is not in  caps. I type it in caps just for readability) , it opens a location text bar so you can type where you want to go.

The image above is the normal Nautilus window. And, if you press Ctrl+L, a text box apears:

There, you can now use that text box to write a supported protocol and use Nautilus as a GUI. We can use SSH, SAMBA, WEBDAV and FTP. You can read more in the Gnome help for Nautilus.

For SSH, just put ssh://<server_name> or <server_ip> .  You can also type the username – ssh://<username>@<server_ip>. The latter will only ask for a password.

We can also use samba to access windows shares.

Just type smb://<server_name> and Nautilus will display the shares available:

This way, you have a full GUI for those “command-ish” protocols.